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The Blues Magoos Tobacco Road

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The Blues Magoos

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  • Artist: The Blues Magoos
  • Title: Tobacco Road
  • Duration: 4:37

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  • Last played last Thursday (Jul, 22 2021)
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Lyrics For: Tobacco Road

    I was born in a bunk
    Mama died and my daddy got drunk
    Left me here to die or grow
    In the middle of Tobacco Road

    I grew up in a dusty shack
    And all I had was a'hangin' on my back
    Only you know how I loathe
    This place called Tobacco Road

    But it's home
    The only life I've ever known
    Only you know how I loathe
    Tobacco Road

    I'm gonna leave and get a job
    With the help and the grace from above
    Save some money, get rich I know
    Bring it back to Tobacco Road

    Bring dynamite and a crane
    Blow itup, start all over again
    Build a town, be proud to show
    Give the name Tobacco Road

    Cause it's home
    The only life I've ever known
    I despise you 'cos your filthy
    But I love ya, 'cause it's home

    [By redruM]

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