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Lou Gramm Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm has been played 20 times with 1 requests...

Lou Gramm

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  • Artist: Lou Gramm
  • Title: Midnight Blue
  • Duration: 3:50

  • Likes: 1
  • Played: 20 times
  • Requested: 1 times
  • Last played last Saturday (Feb, 27 2021)
  • Last requested 2 months ago


    Ain't got no regrets
    I ain't losin' track of which way I'm going
    I ain't gonna double back
    Don't want no misplay, put on no display
    An angel no, but I know my way, oh yeah, oh

    I used to follow, yeah, that's true
    But my following days are over
    Now I just gotta follow through
    And I remember what my father said
    He said, "Son, life is simple, it's either cherry red or

    Midnight blue, oh
    Midnight blue, oh"

    You were the restless one
    And you did not care that
    I was the trouble boy lookin' for a double dare
    I won't apologize for the things I've done and said
    But when I win your heart, I'm gonna paint it cherry red

    I don't want to talk about it
    What you do to me
    I can't live without it
    And you might think that it's much too soon
    For us to go this far into the

    Midnight blue, oh
    It's midnight blue, oh

    Now things could be different, that'd be a shame 'cause
    I'm the one who can feel the sun right in the pouring rain
    I won't say where and I don't know when
    But soon there's gonna come a day baby, I'll be back again
    Yeah, I'll be back for you, you see I'm savin' up my love

    Midnight blue, oh
    Into the midnight blue, oh
    Into the midnight blue, oh
    Can't leave this midnight blue, oh
    Into the midnight blue, oh
    Midnight blue, oh
    Midnight blue, oh

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