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Joni Mitchell Help Me (3:14)

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Joni Mitchell

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  • Artist: Joni Mitchell
  • Title: Help Me
  • Duration: 3:14

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  • Track Added On: 04/06/2020
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Lyrics For: Help Me

    Help me I think I'm falling in love again
    When I get that crazy feeling, I know I'm in trouble again
    I'm in trouble 'cause you're a rambler and a gambler
    And a sweet taIking ladies man and you love your lovin'
    But not like you love your freedom

    Help me I think, I'm falling in love too fast
    It's got me hoping for the future and worrying about the past
    'Cause I've seen some hot hot blazes come down to smoke and ash
    We love our lovin' but not like we love our freedom

    Didn't it feel good we were sitting there talking
    Or lying there not talking didn't it feel good
    You dance with the lady with the hole in her stocking
    Didn't it feel good, didn't it feel good

    Help me I think I'm falling in love with you
    Are you going to let me go there by myself
    That's such a lonely thing to do
    Both of us flirting around flirting and flirting hurting too
    We love our lovin' but not like we love our freedom

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