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Glitter Band Angel Face

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Glitter Band

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  • Artist: Glitter Band
  • Title: Angel Face
  • Duration: 2:55

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  • Last played a week ago (Sep, 10 2021)
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Lyrics For: Angel Face

    You're a child of sweet sixteen
    Never made the big town scene
    Always loved to stay at home
    Never made it on your own
    I see your picture
    what do I see
    The face of an angel
    Staring at me
    staring at me
    Angel face
    angel face
    You've got the cutest angel face
    Angel face
    angel face
    I'm gonna make you my angel face
    you don't know just what I mean
    You should be a beauty queen
    Got to get you ready fast
    Who knows how long your looks will last
    Look in the mirror
    believe that it's true
    The face of an angel
    Is looking at you
    looking at you
    Angel face
    angel face . . .

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