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The Manhattans Hurt

Hurt by The Manhattans has been played 40 times with 3 requests...

The Manhattans

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  • Artist: The Manhattans
  • Title: Hurt
  • Duration: 2:56

  • Likes: 0
  • Requested: 3 times
  • Last played a week ago (Sep, 09 2021)
  • Last requested 7 months ago

Lyrics For: Hurt

    You made a promise
    And you broke it
    He could never love you like I do
    Ooh, I feel so bad

    Hurt, to think
    That you lied to me
    Hurt, way down
    Deep inside of me

    You said your love was true
    And we'd never part
    Now, you've found someone new
    And it breaks my heart
    I'm hurt

    Hurt, much more
    Than you'll ever know
    Hurt, because
    I still love you so

    But even though you hurt me
    Like no one else could do
    I would never, never hurt you

    Even though you've taken
    Your love from me
    Baby, I want you back
    I'll never hurt you

    I'll never hurt you
    Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
    I'll never hurt you
    I'll never hurt you

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