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Travis wrote last Wednesday, Wednesday January 12 2022

Hello! Could you please see if you can add “Don’t Touch Me,” by Jeannie Seely and “I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby,” by The Louvin Brothers?

-Thank you,

Admin wrote 2 months ago, Monday November 08 2021

gregfromNewbrunswickcanadabeststationEVER Thank you for your comment!! We will be adding additional music soon and we have your song on the list!

gregfromNewbrunswickcanadabeststationEVER wrote 2 months ago, Friday November 05 2021

wonder if Paul and Paula,s 60,s YOUNG LOVERS is available...never hear it...thanks bros!

Admin wrote 3 months ago, Monday October 11 2021

Thank you to being apart of the All Oldies 247 Family!

AlAronson wrote 5 months ago, Tuesday August 31 2021

I found you on the 70's Radio App. Have not stopped listening to your station.
From The Doobie Brothers, Carpenters, Jackson Five, John Denver, Bon Jovi...the eclectic mix is unbelievable. And very much appreciated. Plus, you repeat artists and groups (that's ok) but rarely the same songs.
It's wonderful.
Glad I found you...please stay around!
Greetings from New Jersey and Florida
Al Aronson

Mortar wrote 5 months ago, Wednesday August 18 2021

You guys have an awesome station. I'm hearing tunes I haven't heard in decades, especially from the '70s. Just one teeeeeny thing. Do you really need to have an ID spot after every single song? Get's a little tedious after awhile.

Also, how do you distinguish between being duplicated vs. imitated, 'cause WMEX in Boston has pretty much the same format as you; playing music from the '50s-'80s. The only difference is they're a broadcast station w/ads. Just a thought.

Have a good one.